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Websites built using a Content Management System (CMS) S comprise nearly 1 out of every 2 websites. WordPress leads the pack in total number of websites created using a content management system (CMS) with nearly 60% market share. WordPress has more than 34,000 plugin that extend the functionality of the base application allowing WordPress to be configured to fit almost any business need. Because the application is available as open source, additional functionality and modifications can be made to custom fit the website application to fit the client’s needs rather than the client needing to change to fit the website application.

In most cases a novice user can be taught to edit their WordPress site, including adding new pages, blog posts, forms, images, etc. in just a few minutes once the site has been created.

Creating a nice looking and well-functioning site can be done more quickly using one of WordPress’ many Themes. Think of a Theme as the finishing touches of a house. WordPress is the foundation, framework, and flexible floorplan, Plugins are like the wiring, plumbing and appliances, and the Theme is the color scheme, cabinets, lights and design elements of the house.

We are like the architect, builder and mover who listens to what you want, then draw u the plans and execute the plans to provide you with a well-built functional home ready for you to move in your belongings (contents).


Ultra Internet Solution

Ultra Internet Solution

The Ultra Internet Solution is one of the first CMS application introduced first in 2002. It was designed by business and marketing professionals to fill a need to allow business owners the ability to manage their own websites without having to know how to writer HTML, or learn to code. The application provided a simple method of adding pages and content using an editor that was very similar to Microsoft Word making the transition from creating a document to creating or editing a website page a simple one.

There have been hundreds of enhancements and hundreds of versions released to the current version 5.1 over the years since the original launch.

This is still our number one selling platform for people who want a flexible, yet easy to use platform that comes with fully automated or unique mobile page content. The platform uses an adaptive approach to mobile content, allowing the site owner to provide unique or different content for the mobile user than the desktop or tablet users are served.

The UIS application come with a more limited set of additional functionality modules making the choice of which functionality to add a much simplier process. Because the application and all of the plugins are built by us, there is nearly unlimited ability to customize to fit a specific client need.
As site security becomes a larger and larger issue, the Ultra IS platform is our most secure being developed in a closed proprietary system and deployed on more secure Windows Servers using Microsoft SQL Server database applications.


Simbus is an idea platform for someone who has limited design skills but wants an easy and flexible website platform. You can build a site with unlimited primary, secondary and third level pages using simple drag and drop components you can build an entire website or a single landing page in mere minutes.

Simbus is a responsive website platform that is designed for ease of use in creating effective websites by business owners preferring to do most of the work themselves, but still have access to training and support.

Individual content sections are pre-formatted to make the design and layout of pages a snap. Just select the layout look you want and drag and drop the segment into your website page and use the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) Word-like editor to add headlines, text and images.

You can add galleries, forms, and sell products using the appropriate add-on modules to complete the site.


Custom Applications


Sometimes, what you want or need, simply cannot be created using a content management system and components. In these cases, we can create custom applications tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Whether it be a complex form for ordering products or services, or a complete application with custom functionality, we can help define and build the application to meet your specific needs.

Custom programming requires a deep understanding before the project begins of exactly what the desired outcome should be. This includes in-depth consultation as well as building mock-ups of input screens, display screens and output results.

If you have specific requirements that you have not been able to find a solution for, give us a call and discuss your requirements. You can be assured that we will keep all of the conversations and discussion private. Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements will be signed upon request.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

The problem with most Themes is they are either too little or too much. Many free themes are easy to use but have limited functionality and must be extensively modified to fit the design you want and provide the functions you need.