Good design or bad design?

Website design has one purpose: to introduce someone to your brand or purpose. It should make the visitor’s journey easy. It should reinforce the concept that spending a few minutes with your site will be rewarded with:

  • Information
  • Confidence

Email Templates

Email marketing can be one of the most profitable methods of marketing, but only if it is done correctly. Emails must provide value to be effective. Every email marketing message must be created and judged by matching the goals to the results.

Different email messages require different styles and looks depending on the message, the action you wish taken, and whether or not your message met your expected goals. The message and desired action will dictate the level of design. The wrong message with the wrong level of design will not produce the desired results. The right message with the wrong level of design may, very well, also not provide the return you are looking for.

Confused about what your options might be? Give us a call and we can help you create the right message for the right audience, delivered at just the right time.


Facebook Cover Images


Social Media is no longer something you should do. It is a must do!

Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform but your cover image must match your brand and ideally should change frequently while still being easily recognizable.

We can help you with single or multiple variations for different seasons, or various holiday or special event graphics to help tie in your Facebook massaging strategy with the rest of your marketing.

Let us help you create a consistent brand across all of your channels or to be consistent but show a slightly warmer face to the world on your Facebook page. We can also help you with your complete Facebook marketing plans. Just give us a call.

YouTube Channel Art

If content is King, then video is its Queen.

You’d have to been sleeping for quite some time to not know about the popularity of videos. If you are not investing in videos to help sell your products, services and your brand, you are missing out on one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. Companies should be producing videos multiple times per year and should have their own channel. YouTube allows companies to place their own Channel Art, but they also make it somewhat challenging to do it. Consequently, most YouTube channels do not adequately reflect the brand. We can provide assistance with both the creation and production of your video, your own private channel and brand your channel to fit the rest of your marketing strategy.


Landing Pages

Landing Pages are where Action resides.

Landing pages’ sole purpose is to get the visitor to take the next step. That could be to provide an email address, to register for an event or give away, to make a referral, or to request more information or make a purchase.

A properly constructed landing page will lead the visitor to take the desired action. It must be well designed and logical and include as many CTAs (Calls to Action) as needed to help lead the visitor to take the next step or complete a transaction.

Landing pages? Yeah, we do that!




What’s your sign?

Logos may be the most misunderstood of all branding elements. A logo can be most anything that consistently represents your company name or brand. Everyone knows and recognized the Nike swoosh, or the Golden Arches means a McDonalds lies beneath. A logo can be just the company name or initials as IBM and BP have adopted. Logos can also be just the letters of the company using a specific font and color. Or they can be stylized fonts and colors or combinations of fonts and symbols. What comprises your logo is not as important as the consistency with which your logo is displayed on all things about you. The colors you choose and the way the logo is displayed will say a lot the company. Think Google and you know that the company uses text, but they frequently use variations of text and graphics within their logo to convey different messages of the day.

If you do not have a consistent logo. Contact us and we can put together a few ideas for you. The better your logo represents your company and the more consistently your logo is displayed the easier it will be for customers and prospective customers to recognize and trust your brand.

Corporate Identity Packages

You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

Corporate Identity packages incorporate your messaging strategy with your logo and colors to create a complete printed branding strategy. Corporate Identity packages will include items such as: business card layouts, letterhead, envelopes, presentation folders and other marketing collateral. These items will be created using consistent colors, look and feel to ensure a recognizable brand across digital and analog media.

We will work with you to create the ideal look for your company and work within your budget.


Real Estate Image enhancement